Catherine (cathy_chan) wrote,

To the stranger which has stumbled upon the truth:

Would it have been better
For a moth to try and touch the fire,
Driven by so-called curiosity,
And burn its wings
Rather than admiring the mere beauty
Of the thing which is the light?

Now that the truth, once buried,
Is discovered beneath all the lies
I will fade into ashes.
But one fact stands:
I am nothing
But the recesses of your imagination
Forever, I am nothing
But a lie which masks the truth.
Reduced to dust,
Nothing palpable but an epitaph
Embedded in the deepest depths
Of a man's secret fantasies
The perished Phoenix shall never rise
From its ashes once again.

While the nomad, in sorrow,
Endlessly searches for a solace
Whilst wandering through
The meadows, blindly,
The maiden who spins the web of lies
Perpetrator of illusions
Has the last laugh in the end.

This pretty much is self-explanatory, but to put it bluntly, I just want to thank you for providing me an opportunity to make a mockery of you. I never expected you to pursue me this far and I am quite flattered, but moreso creeped out. Hey, do you watch To Catch A Predator?
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